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I got a bit more done today than yesterday, and enjoyed my practice more, which was a relief. This coming week of classes is thankfully going to be a bit of a break for me. Trevor heard so little of what I’d prepared (not brilliantly) last week that I’ve been able to sit back and consolidate on the same studies over the last few days. Andersen No. 14 is now sounding quite good, which is exciting!

After a short run in the afternoon, I headed over to the Hastingleigh village hall again for fish and chips, and a film. The fish and chips were yummy and top notch, though with not one but two pieces of fish I’m still feeling rather full! Then they showed the film Mrs Brown with Judy Dench and Billy Connolly, which I rather enjoyed. It was lovely to get out, do something a little different, and take a bit of a break from my flute.


I arrived in Grimsby late last night after a long train trip, and am now staying with Grandma and Grandpa.

A trip into Grimsby this morning to finish off my Christmas shopping and get a few warm jumpers (I’ll need them come January), and dinner out at a fish and chip restaurant in Cleethorpes were the main events of the day. I was rather decadent and had double helpings of mushy peas. We also called in at a relative’s (I think she’s a second cousin?!) for coffee and a pre-Christmas catch-up. At 4:20pm it’s dark, and much warmer inside then out. Time for a good book and a relaxing evening I think!

Today was one of those days where I felt like I tried to do everything and achieved nothing of consequence. Some of it’s my own fault – I was probably a bit ambitious for the Monday lesson, spending all weekend practising studies, and didn’t get round to the week’s repertoire until yesterday. While I’ve played the flute excerpt from Rossini’s Overture to William Tell before, I’m new to Ibert’s Pièce for solo flute. On top of that, Trevor issued us each with a Damase study after playing his Sonata en Concert last week, and has asked to hear some of our flute ensemble repertoire tomorrow!

We also had something of an excursion today – Trevor took us out for fish and chips to a place called The Pilot Inn in Dungeness. It was an excellent lunch, and the fish was great and the mushy peas (yes, English soft spot) were fantastic. I was a little disappointed in the coffee, but hey, I’m still yet to find a really good one here, and a fish and chip place is probably not the best place to be looking! I was a little surprised that nobody else besides me and Trevor seemed to enjoy the fish – clearly the Englishness in me is coming out. After lunch, we wandered over the mass of shingles to walk a little along the steely grey sea.

View out across the shingled beach to sea after our fish and chips.

View out across the shingled beach to sea after our fish and chips.

So I’m probably not particularly well-prepared for tomorrow’s class, but have learned my lesson about the need to plan ahead and spread out my preparation for upcoming classes. Hopefully an early morning for a few more notes before class tomorrow will see me through ok!