I meant to make a little more time to write this evening, as there is a lot to write about, but have been doing some other work and all of a sudden it’s quite late!

After class this afternoon, we went down the road to visit Michael Rust, a wood and stone-carver based in Hastingleigh, Kent. Michael showed us round his studio, talked about his rather winding career path and showed us examples of his work. His lettering and carving work is stunning – everything from commemorative plaques to large wooden sculptures. The woodwork was particularly beautiful, and clearly his passion. I was amazed by how delicately lines and forms could be cut with a hammer and chisel. There was even some mulled wine and afternoon tea to finish off.

The visit reminded me just how versatile we need to be to work on any artistic discipline. Michael will turn his hand and chisel to a huge variety of projects, and in each of them seeks to push his creative skills and make something really wonderful. While I’m here to improve my flute playing, I need to remember that my skills in writing, radio, French and even organisation should never fall by the wayside.

And with that thought in mind, I promise a review of last night’s LSO concert tomorrow!