I was rather hoping that today would be back into it, but of course it took me a while to get back from the Dunks’. We all had a lazy morning – I played with the cat and went for a walk down the frosty garden – and brunch, so it was past midday before I got to the station. There were still a few delays getting into London, but three trains, a bus and a lift from Wye station (thank you Sue!) later I finally made it back to my dairy.

The Dunks' garden again - this time frosty with a frozen pond.

The Dunks’ garden again – this time frosty with a frozen pond.

It’s certainly cold back in Kent, though my room isn’t as chilly as I was expecting. My Christmas jumpers are already coming in handy, and I have a feeling that the big woolly cream number that grandma passed on to me is going to become a favourite.

As for flute practice…I don’t feel terribly prepared for tomorrow’s lesson but then everyone will probably be feeling that way. I’ve ordered my copy of Moyse 25 Melodic Studies, and am ready to dive back into Trevor’s classes. I’d just prefer to have a few more hours practice first!