Can I take him home?

Can I take him home?

Ali and Kieron who I’m staying with in Hilton have a new kitten – Horace. I had meant this post to be a little more detailed, but Horace is currently sitting on my lap demanding attention, and I’m more than happy to oblige.

Today hasn’t been a heavy practice day, but I got in about three hours around craft activities and general lovely times with Ali and Kieron. I’m not sure whether it’s the change of location or just the previous weeks of practice paying off, but technical work went really well today. More was happening from memory, and a lot faster, which is all good! Studies were nit so fantastic, but I came up here for relaxation rather than practice!

Horace - my shadow for the weekend

Horace – my shadow for the weekend

As for Horace, he doesn’t approve of flute practice!