More composer-naming on the way to Tesco today, and Trevor decided to return to ‘B’. We were directed to the Flute Ark  website yesterday for a rather exhaustive list of composers and flute repertoire, with the clear instruction to have learned some by this morning. While the group is slowly getting better at volunteering information, I think Trevor still got a bit frustrated at the lack of enthusiasm for his game! On the plus side, I now know a lot more repertoire by composers beginning with B.

Otherwise, my practice today was rather scant. A family friend, Beryl, is holidaying near Lyminge, and I walked over in the afternoon for a cup of tea and a catch-up. While four miles is actually quite a long way, I enjoyed the walk over – is was a sunny day and remarkably mild for this time of year. I walked past fields and farmhouses, through a big wood, and up a couple of big hills. Beryl is just the same as I remember her eight years ago, and along with her lovely friends we had a good chat. I was, however, somewhat relieved to be offered a lift back.

In the evening, we rehearsed some of the jazz pieces for our Christmas concert. They’re cute and fun, but I’m worried that as a group we’re not using our rehearsal time very well. Though I know there are still some passages that I haven’t got under my fingers yet, on a group level there are tempo incongruities where there really shouldn’t be at our level. I’m not sure what to do to change this either, especially when several individuals’ foot-tapping is clearly not lining up! Hopefully Trevor will give some guidance on Thursday.