Hopefully today marks a mini-turning point in my time here at the flute studio. I know it’s only been two weeks so far, but I haven’t felt like I’ve fitted in as easily as I would have liked – mostly because Trevor and I don’t see eye-to-eye on a few things.

Anyway, in today’s class I tried to go all out and play in what I would consider a rather over-the-top fashion, and it worked! Apart from the odd comment or two (and that’s really nothing as far as Trevor goes) the whole day of classes went by really positively. My Sicilienne, which was as dynamically contrasting as I felt I could play, with every note beautifully finished, was pronounced “much better than last week”, and despite a “funny Australian G natural” in my rendition of the Brahms 4 flute solo, it was also passed with far fewer painful comments than normal. The most important thing in that solo, according to Trevor, are not the note endings, but playing the high D natural at the beginning (3/4 section) in tune, and then just keeping the whole thing in time.

After having a collective stress-out about the Marais Folies d’Espagne, the whole class breathed a sigh of relief when Trevor pronounced that we just needed to perform the theme and three or four variations. Rather than preaching a set method of interpreting the variations, he wanted instead to hear that we’d worked on them, thought about them, and come to our own musical decisions. Though I was one again projecting my dynamics rather more than felt natural, it seemed that my musical decisions were at least sound ones.

There was a collective feeling among us that we needed a bit of a break this evening, and so we had a bit of a cooking party with wine, pasta and salad. I made crepes and stewed pears for dessert, and was rather happy with the result!